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Knight, Junor and Samuels is one of the most prominent full-service law firms in Jamaica. The firm boasts several of Jamaica’s highest ranking legal advocates, with a proven track record in the complete range of legal matters including: Conveyancing, Estate planning, Probate, Corporate advising, Civil litigation (law suits), Criminal Advocacy, Commercial Negotiations, Contracts, Labour & Industrial Relations, International Trade Negotiations, Property Rights Issues and more.  


The law firm of Knight, Junor & Samuels was formally created in July 2006, however the three partners have been working together for decades.  

Knight & Junor studied overseas then returned to Jamaica

K. D. Knight and John Junor met in the 1960’s as students at Howard University in Washington D.C. (where Knight pursued Philosophy, while Junor pursued Political Science). Thereafter, both traveled to London and graduated in the early 70’s as Barristers-at-law with honours, from the renowned Gray’s Inn. Upon their return to Jamaica, Knight and Junor pursued separate but similar paths through the public service, private law-practice, representational politics, ministerial appointments, and the government Senate.  

Samuels joined Knight’s practice

By the early 1980’s, K.D. Knight had built a highly-successful private law practice specializing in criminal defence, conveyancing and industrial relations. He brought into his chambers a promising intern named Bert Samuels who had graduated from the Norman Manley Law School at the top of his class. Bert Samuels developed and honed his skills and has become an eminent advocate with an amazing track record of winning cases. Knight and Samuels continued in practice together until 1989, when Knight was elected to the Jamaican Parliament by the constituents of East Central St. Catherine. His impending appointment as Minister of National Security precluded him from private practice as a lawyer, and so Bert became the number one practicing advocate in the then law firm of Knight, Pickersgill, Dowding & Samuels.  

Playfair Junor Pearson & Co. , Parliament, and Partnerships

In the late 1980's, John Junor co-founded the lawfirm of Playfair, Junor, Pearson & Co., which rose to prominence as an industry leader, particularly in the areas of Trade and Industrial Relations. Junor’s expertise in commercial negotiations, gained from his employment as Secretary to the Industrial Disputes Tribunal, bolstered the practice. He took a sabbatical from the firm in 1989 in order to serve as Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Manchester and Minister of State.

Junor and Knight were both re-elected as MPs several times, each serving their constituents and country four consecutive terms from 1989 to 2007. The work of their respective law firms was carried on by their legal partners in their absence. However, on the death of Junor’s lead partner in 2000, his firm was disbanded and Junor joined Knight’s firm. Both Knight and Junor remained on leave from the firm until 2006 when they retired from elective politics. This move and the dissolution of Knight, Pickersgill & Dowding heralded the formation of the triune partnership – Knight, Junor & Samuels.

The firm is operated by the three partners and associate attorneys.


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